Episode 19 – Current Events

We talk about several recent stories in the news, including Michigan educator Debbie Squires who knows what’s best for your kids, even if you don’t. We also talk about President Obama recruiting support among African-Americans, and are we going to war with Iran? The Missing Links How To Waste $10 Million listener provided link to […]

Episode 18 – All That Glitters

Another live episode recorded on location at JJ Twig’s, we continue our series on the biggest issues facing America with a discussion on the monetary system in the US and how going off the gold standard has been detrimental to our everyday lives and our future. We also talk about Mitt Romney’s win in Florida, […]

Episode 17 – What Happened To The Middle Class?

We talk about the shrinking middle class, the vanishing American work ethic, consumerism, and the iPhone. We also respond to listener feedback, as we talk about literacy statistics, immigration law, and human rights in China. We are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore! The Missing Links listener provided link to […]

Episode 16 – The Audacity of Authority

We begin a new series of shows with topics based on a listener suggestion that each of us come up with our top issues facing America. Our first issue is the abuse of authority, examples of which can be found everywhere in our society. We also talk about Rick Perry and the Republican primaries, and […]

Episode 15 – We All Get Schooled

One of our listeners joins our panel for a thoughtful discussion on public education — what’s wrong with it, and how can we fix it? Or should we fix it? Maybe it does exactly what it was designed to do. We also respond to some listener feedback, and issue a challenge to our listeners to […]

Episode 14 – The Year In Review

It’s our year-end holiday spectacular! Recorded live at JJ Twig’s. Join us in some holiday cheer as we review the biggest stories of 2011 and make our predictions for 2012. And listen to Rob get tipsy. The Missing Links Oprahization Ron Paul is patient zero Chemtrails Yellow dots on color printers: Seeing Yellow | Story […]

Episode 13 – Current Events

Why is the field of Republican candidates so uninspiring? We try to figure out if the media is to blame, or if this is just the best that they can do. Also in this episode, the Department of Justice wants you to snitch on your friends! And we get our “space geek” on. Some great […]

Episode 12 – Where Do Rights Come From?

Listen as we respond to some listener feedback, talk about Ken’s Hawaiian vacation, and then delve into a more philosophical discussion about the nature of human rights. The Missing Links listener provided link to 10 USC 311 – all able-bodied men 17-45 are militia members listener link to Missouri militia law This I Believe The […]

Episode 11 – Current Events

We welcome our guest host Jeremy (filling in for the vacationing Ken) and cover another round of current events, including Rick Perry’s latest gaffe, the rise of Big Brother GPS, and more anti-government rage. A big thank you to our listeners for all of the links you have been providing, and we especially appreciate your […]

Episode 10 – Current Events

On this episode we focus on some stories we’ve read in the news recently, and we spend some quality time with our listeners, discussing their feedback. Topics include the TSA, Herman Cain, taxes, and how dollar coins would work at a strip club. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart […]

Episode 9 – What Would Jesus Download?

On this week’s episode, we take aim at government subsidies, we talk about Herman Cain behind his back, and we destroy Rob’s chances of creating the next Angry Birds. Oh, and we talk about that Obama guy again, too. We sure appreciate the feedback from our listeners! Feel free to leave us a comment and […]

Episode 8 – Quiz Part II

This week we contemplate quitting Bank of America, we remember Steve Jobs, and we occupy Wall Street. We even challenge child labor laws, as we continue our discussion from last week on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. We’d also like to thank our almost-sponsor, Olea Estates, for producing the finest, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil in […]