Episode 6 – Is It Hot In Here?

Is anthropogenic global warming real? Should we all drive Priuses? How can we be eco-friendly and freedom-friendly at the same time? We attempt to answer all of these questions and more on this week’s episode. The Missing Links Resigning American Physical Society over global warming claims Angie’s List Environmental Effects of 1991 eruption of Mt. […]

The Principled Dr. Seuss

I did not read much Dr. Seuss as a child, so it has only been since I’ve had children of my own that I’ve really been exposed to his stories. I am both pleased and surprised to see that, concealed within the fanciful illustrations and anapestic tetrameter, he covers some pretty heady subject matter. Beyond […]

What Color Is A Zebra?

If one were a flea, and one’s entire life was spent nestled among the black hairs on a zebra’s back, one might tend to conclude that zebras are black. Until one met a flea from a neighboring white region of the same zebra’s back. Then an argument might ensue between the two camps over which […]