Episode 31 – Eatin’, Thinkin’, Cussin’ and Drinkin’

We record live on location this week at Granite City Food and Brewery, and enjoy a few adult beverages as we try to identify the Anti-Drudge, cure obesity in America, and ask Mitt Romney for a job. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show New York Plans to Ban Sale […]

Episode 30 – Current Events

We catch up on some current events and discuss whether President Obama’s support for gay marriage is just political maneuvering, we decide if Ron Paul is stealing delegates, and we respond to a ton of listener feedback. Be a part of the discussion! Send us your comments on these or any other topics! The Missing […]

Episode 29 – Three Principles (Part 3)

Do we have the right to do whatever we want? We discuss this as we conclude our three-part series on Jerry’s three principles. We also welcome our listener Andrew as a guest host, he adds his viewpoint to the mix, and we cover some of your listener feedback! The Missing Links Links to sites or […]

Episode 28 – Three Principles (Part Two)

Is it immoral to initiate force against someone? We begin continue discussing the three principles in Jerry’s manifesto, and why justice is not served through punishment. We also respond to some listener feedback. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show Jerry’s manifesto – The Initiation of Force Is Immoral Illusion […]

Episode 27 – Three Principles (Part One)

Do you believe that all people are created equal? We begin discussing the first of three principles in Jerry’s manifesto, and why Somalia probably isn’t a place to buy a summer home, yet. We also respond to some listener feedback about the NRA. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show […]

Episode 26 – The Political Machine

Rick Santorum dropped out of the race this week and we express our deep sorrow (or something), plus some follow-up discussion of George Zimmerman. We encourage our listeners to join the forum, or follow us on Twitter! The Missing Links listener provided link to update on the waitress and her $12K tip George Zimmerman charged, […]

Episode 25 – Current Events

We catch up on some of the stories in the headlines after a long Spring Break. We cover Marion Barry, Trayvon Martin, and more. Also, what if the House of Representatives had 30,000 members? We talk about that too! The Missing Links listener provided link to story about Trayvon Martin killing in Florida Family of […]

Episode 24 – Being Illegal

It’s no fun being an illegal alien! But why have we defined a segment of our population to be illegal for simply existing? We discuss this and President Obama’s call for immigration reform. The Missing Links Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many Foreigners A Noble Lie documentary about OKC Bombing in 1995 Missing The […]

Episode 23 – What Is Terrorism?

Attorney General Eric Holder has made it clear that the Obama Administration has no problem killing its own citizens. We discuss this and other aspects of the so-called War on Terror, while Rob plays Wheel of Terror! The Missing Links Attorney General Holder Defends Targeted Killings Of Americans listener provided link to When Should You […]

Episode 22 – Voting for Obamney

We discuss the parallels between President Obama and Mitt Romney and explore what the election issues might be if Romney wins the GOP nomination. The Missing Links Mitt Romney: ‘I Have Some Friends Who Are NASCAR Team Owners’

Episode 21 – Propagandizing Your Children

Is your child being brainwashed by the government? Ask your child what they would do if they were president. It might surprise you. We discuss this and some must-read Dr. Seuss stories. And we serve it all up with a side order of food stamps. The Missing Links How to synthesize Sudafed from crystal meth […]

Episode 20 – The War On Drugs

What do you do when the cure is worse than the disease? We talk about the impact on society of the so-called War on Drugs, and the fact that all drug laws are unConstitutional. We also respond to listener feedback and send a shout out to all of our new Facebook fans! The Missing Links […]