Knives On Airplanes

While on location for our last episode, we asked some people what they thought about the TSA’s decision to allow knives on airplanes. What do you think? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll discuss it in our next episode.

Episode 57 – Discussing Under the Influence

On this episode we talk about military suicides, lampoon the TSA, and cover some listener feedback. Also be sure to check out our new YouTube channel for our latest On The Street interviews! The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show Why modern soldiers are more susceptible to suicide Parents outraged […]

Episode 10 – Current Events

On this episode we focus on some stories we’ve read in the news recently, and we spend some quality time with our listeners, discussing their feedback. Topics include the TSA, Herman Cain, taxes, and how dollar coins would work at a strip club. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart […]

Episode 4 – A Decade of Government Decadence

We’ve been receiving some great feedback from our listeners and we’d just like to thank everyone that has taken the time to comment. It makes doing the show a lot more fun! This week we respond to some more listener comments, talk more about how a stateless society might work, and then we observe the […]

Can We Please Stop Now?

Three thousand people died on 9/11 as a result of the worst terrorist attacks in US history. But ten times that many people die every year in traffic accidents, and I don’t hear anyone calling for an outright ban on automobiles. So this has clearly never been just a public safety issue. Maybe a 9/11-style […]

TSA Follies

Having spent a few weeks on the road this year, I’ve had more exposure to the TSA recently than I really care to. This, coupled with the announcement that the current theater that passes for airport security will be enhanced with random hand-swabbing, is enough to bring into sharp relief the myriad reasons that I […]

Common Sense Lives

A friend was lamenting today about having to throw away an expensive bottle of hairspray in order to pass through airport security. That would be bad enough, but then she commented that it was her own fault. That is the truly tragic part. We have all been assaulted with the TSA’s ridiculous propaganda for so […]