Episode 21 – Propagandizing Your Children

Is your child being brainwashed by the government? Ask your child what they would do if they were president. It might surprise you. We discuss this and some must-read Dr. Seuss stories. And we serve it all up with a side order of food stamps. The Missing Links How to synthesize Sudafed from crystal meth […]

Episode 20 – The War On Drugs

What do you do when the cure is worse than the disease? We talk about the impact on society of the so-called War on Drugs, and the fact that all drug laws are unConstitutional. We also respond to listener feedback and send a shout out to all of our new Facebook fans! The Missing Links […]

Episode 19 – Current Events

We talk about several recent stories in the news, including Michigan educator Debbie Squires who knows what’s best for your kids, even if you don’t. We also talk about President Obama recruiting support among African-Americans, and are we going to war with Iran? The Missing Links How To Waste $10 Million listener provided link to […]

Episode 16 – The Audacity of Authority

We begin a new series of shows with topics based on a listener suggestion that each of us come up with our top issues facing America. Our first issue is the abuse of authority, examples of which can be found everywhere in our society. We also talk about Rick Perry and the Republican primaries, and […]

Episode 15 – We All Get Schooled

One of our listeners joins our panel for a thoughtful discussion on public education — what’s wrong with it, and how can we fix it? Or should we fix it? Maybe it does exactly what it was designed to do. We also respond to some listener feedback, and issue a challenge to our listeners to […]

Episode 2 – We’re All Fundamentally Bad

On this week’s show we start off reading some listener feedback and responding to it. We also talk some more about education, as well as how well we think anarchy would work. A big thank you to our small, but growing, audience! We appreciate the feedback! The Missing Links Literacy references: 1, 2 Waivers for […]

Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Midwest Peace Process — three guys and a microphone, solving the world’s problems. We hope you enjoy our unique brand of political discourse, as we offer an alternative to the binary views of the shouting heads on cable news. We invite you to spend some time listening every […]

We’re From The Government, We’re Here To Help

Ignoring for the moment the complete absurdity of giving a third-grader detention for eating a Jolly Rancher, let’s explore this story a little deeper. In other words, follow the money. Because the real story here doesn’t appear until the tenth paragraph, when the school district superintendent, Jack Ellis, says, “failing to adhere to the state’s […]

School’s Out

Attention all teachers! Remember this man’s name and face, because many years from now, after the Department of Education has disappeared, and our country’s education system has been completely dismantled, and you are out looking for a job, you will know who to blame. History will record that this is the man who divulged your […]