Hot Take On Debra Sue Hamil

Today, I, like thousands of others, saw the viral video of the violent arrest of Debra Sue Hamil, a self-proclaimed “country girl” who doesn’t like being man-handled by police. Many are framing her behavior as that of a privileged white woman, but I’d like to approach this from a slightly different angle. Regardless of your […]

Episode 82 – Current Events

We start with our annual rant about taxes, then the killing of Walter Scott, and finish up discussing Hillary’s candidacy. We also cover some listener feedback, and a sneak preview of our next episode. Our break music is provided once again by The Polish Ambassador. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on […]

Let’s All Take A Breath

The South Bend Uniform Co., is a police outfitter owned and operated by a member of the Mishawaka Police Department, so it’s understandable why the company would show its support of law enforcement officers. The means of showing that support, however, is somewhat provocative: they are selling t-shirts with the design shown above. This is […]

Episode 78 – We Can’t Breathe

Jerry goes on a rant about brutal cops, Rob goes after conservative hypocrites, and Jeremy goes off on both Rob and Jerry. So pretty much your average episode. Our break music is provided this time by Pentatonix. Happy holidays to all of our listeners! The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the […]

An Active Crime Scene

A group of about a dozen gunmen surround a car stopped at a Miami Beach intersection and open fire, the muzzle flashes from their weapons lighting up the night. After brutally murdering the driver, and injuring four innocent bystanders, some of the gunmen start going after witnesses, assaulting them, stealing or breaking their cell phones […]

Plenty Of Blame To Go Around

You’ve no doubt seen the story by now of this Seattle police officer caught on videotape. The headline reads “Seattle officer punches girl in face during jaywalking stop,” which is a bit sensationalist, but does sum up the salient points. Watch the entire clip on YouTube, however, and you’re provided with some context for the […]

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

I like to periodically cover the topic of misconduct by law enforcement, and our story archive continues to grow (now over 130 stories). But a couple of stories since my last update deserve attention. First, the year began with one of the most heinous examples of police brutality in history when multiple cell phone cameras […]

And Tear Gas For All

The frequency with which these types of stories are appearing is disturbing. If you read Radley Balko’s Overkill, you are left with no other alternative than to believe that the use of paramilitary raids by local law enforcement is not only on the rise, but is reaching epidemic proportions. This story illustrates the chaos and […]

Why Cops Suck

Remember that time when you got pulled over for speeding? The cop started to write you a ticket, but stopped when you told him that your dad was a cop. Or maybe he wrote you the ticket, and then you went home and called your brother-in-law or your buddy from high school (who is also […]