I finally got time over the holidays to sit down and watch Laura Poitras’s latest documentary CitizenFour. We have talked about Edward Snowden on the show quite a bit, and for anyone who followed the story as it was unfolding, there really aren’t any surprises in the film. I’m also a bit reticent to heap […]

Episode 79 – Welcome To Paradise

We declare our own micronation and start issuing passports to all of our friends. Come be a part of the Process Nation! Break music is provided by The Polish Ambassador. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show How To Start Your Own Micronation Progressives, Libertarians and Selfishness | Strike-The-Root Study: […]

Episode 52 – Self Ownership

Do you own yourself? Why are blue counties blue? We answer these and other questions. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show The MPP is now on Reddit! Well Educated Blue State Graphic NBC series Revolution Philosophy of Liberty (video explaining self ownership) No ObamaCare (video with Dinesh D’Souza) The […]

Episode 29 – Three Principles (Part 3)

Do we have the right to do whatever we want? We discuss this as we conclude our three-part series on Jerry’s three principles. We also welcome our listener Andrew as a guest host, he adds his viewpoint to the mix, and we cover some of your listener feedback! The Missing Links Links to sites or […]

It’s All Coming Apart

Earlier this year I wrote about the nascent Arab Spring and how I was hopeful that this movement, and this desire for freedom, would continue to spread. Stories like this one today continue to fuel my hope that this is true. The tangled web of government (in every country) has become so heavy, so onerous, […]

Can We Please Stop Now?

Three thousand people died on 9/11 as a result of the worst terrorist attacks in US history. But ten times that many people die every year in traffic accidents, and I don’t hear anyone calling for an outright ban on automobiles. So this has clearly never been just a public safety issue. Maybe a 9/11-style […]

Chicago Holds Its Breath

After last year’s McDonald v Chicago decision by the Supreme Court, I wrote about how the tide seemed to be turning with respect to recognition of our basic human right to self-defense. I guess I should have known that just because the Supreme Court decides in your favor does not mean your opponent will acquiesce. […]

An Active Crime Scene

A group of about a dozen gunmen surround a car stopped at a Miami Beach intersection and open fire, the muzzle flashes from their weapons lighting up the night. After brutally murdering the driver, and injuring four innocent bystanders, some of the gunmen start going after witnesses, assaulting them, stealing or breaking their cell phones […]

Maybe I’ll Just Leave Instead

I’ve written before about the Law of Unintended Consequences, and I never have to go far to find another example of it in action. With a scenario that is right out of Atlas Shrugged, Oregon lawmakers are scratching their heads wondering where all of the state’s millionaires are disappearing to after they targeted the rich […]

The Principled Dr. Seuss

I did not read much Dr. Seuss as a child, so it has only been since I’ve had children of my own that I’ve really been exposed to his stories. I am both pleased and surprised to see that, concealed within the fanciful illustrations and anapestic tetrameter, he covers some pretty heady subject matter. Beyond […]

Government By The People

There are those who would argue that we need government to act as a watchdog for no other reason than people need to be watched or they will do bad things. But the fact that people are imperfect is not an argument *for* government, it is an argument against it. For these same dishonest, greedy, […]

Promoting the General Welfare

I just read Robert Parry’s essay regarding an anticipated showdown with the Tea Party over the Constitution. I share his suspicions about what motivates the Tea Party, and I applaud his contention that “reason and consistency have little place in the U.S. political/media system.” However, I have to take issue with a couple of points […]