Episode 7 – World’s Smallest Political Quiz

Wow, we covered a lot of ground in this episode. It took us quite a while to get through all of the listener feedback on our discussions about global warming. Thank you for all the responses! We began going through the questions on the quiz (link below) one by one but due to all of […]

Episode 6 – Is It Hot In Here?

Is anthropogenic global warming real? Should we all drive Priuses? How can we be eco-friendly and freedom-friendly at the same time? We attempt to answer all of these questions and more on this week’s episode. The Missing Links Resigning American Physical Society over global warming claims Angie’s List Environmental Effects of 1991 eruption of Mt. […]

Episode 5 – Take The Red Pill

A big thank you to all of our new listeners on iTunes. Because one of our hosts couldn’t make it this week, we have postponed our global warming discussion. Look forward to that in next week’s episode. This week we try to extricate ourselves from The Matrix as we respond to some listener feedback, delve […]

Episode 4 – A Decade of Government Decadence

We’ve been receiving some great feedback from our listeners and we’d just like to thank everyone that has taken the time to comment. It makes doing the show a lot more fun! This week we respond to some more listener comments, talk more about how a stateless society might work, and then we observe the […]

Episode 3 – Whatcha Gonna Cut?

This week we respond to some listener feedback, talk about the things we’d like to chop from the federal budget, and finish things off with a globally-warmed cup of inconvenient truth. The Missing Links Free State Project Seasteading Peter Theil builds a floating city Ken’s links from last week’s show that we left out: Report […]

Episode 2 – We’re All Fundamentally Bad

On this week’s show we start off reading some listener feedback and responding to it. We also talk some more about education, as well as how well we think anarchy would work. A big thank you to our small, but growing, audience! We appreciate the feedback! The Missing Links Literacy references: 1, 2 Waivers for […]

Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Midwest Peace Process — three guys and a microphone, solving the world’s problems. We hope you enjoy our unique brand of political discourse, as we offer an alternative to the binary views of the shouting heads on cable news. We invite you to spend some time listening every […]