This I Believe

This essay began as a manifesto of sorts. Inspired by National Public Radio‘s series This I Believe, I thought it might be worthwhile and instructive to actually try to record my beliefs in writing. I’m not sure that I will actually submit this to the radio show, since I don’t think this can be trimmed […]

The Initiation of Force Is Immoral

This is the second in a series of three essays. The notion of laws and the rule of law are an attempt by humans to codify what each of us is born knowing to be true. Our behavior towards one another is governed by something called natural law. Natural law is a product of who […]

All Men Are Created Equal

This is the first in a series of three essays. Who among us, besides the most xenophobic and bigoted, would deny that this truth is self-evident? Regardless of your own personal beliefs on the origins of the universe, there can be little doubt that all human beings on this planet exist in a state of […]