Larken Rose – Part 1

We sat down with Larken Rose recently and had a chance to talk about his latest project, Josie The Outlaw, as well as other topics. Here is the first segment of that interview. You can check out our discussion of the entire interview in Episode 68.

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Interview with Mayor Geno Salvati

Mayor Geno Salvati

While we were on location recording Episode 69, the Mayor of Pasadena Hills, MO was unfortunate enough to be seated nearby and got roped into sitting down with us for an interview. We appreciate Geno Salvati spending his time and sharing his views with us.

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Episode 69 – Grab Your Tinfoil Hat


This time on the show we discuss our favorite conspiracy theories, why they are so prevalent, and why we latch onto them so tightly. Our break music is brought to you by: DMN Productions – Ate Ja.

The Missing Links

Links to sites or topics discussed on the show

The Reading Room

Interesting articles and videos provided by both the hosts and listeners

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