Episode 89 – Farewell

Well, it’s been a good run – lots of interesting topics, guests, and listener feedback. We will continue to interact with our fans on Twitter and Facebook, but this is our last podcast. In this episode, we talk about the recent nonsense that happened at Mizzou, the Paris attacks, and we do a little retrospection […]

Episode 71 – Capital Punishment

This time we discuss the use of capital punishment in the US, and whether the practice should be continued. We also spend a fair amount of time talking about Patrick Swayze. Break music is provided by The Polish Ambassador. The Missing Links Links to sites or topics discussed on the show Oklahoma Botches Clayton Lockett’s […]

The Principled Dr. Seuss

I did not read much Dr. Seuss as a child, so it has only been since I’ve had children of my own that I’ve really been exposed to his stories. I am both pleased and surprised to see that, concealed within the fanciful illustrations and anapestic tetrameter, he covers some pretty heady subject matter. Beyond […]