Compounding the Costs

I’ve been writing about the mismanagement of the Hurrican Katrina disaster for over two years now. First, that FEMA had no right to provide trailers to disaster victims, and then the staggering levels of fraud that they have allowed to go on. Now we are being told that FEMA has downright lied to us. According […]

Government Gone Wild

Last October, when I wrote about Time magazine’s story How To Spend $1 Billion A Day, I had no idea they meant spending it on strip clubs and Girls Gone Wild videos. The Government Accountability Office (how’s that for an oxymoron?) hasn’t even finished its audit yet, so stand by for all of the instances […]

Not Yours To Give

The September 26, 2005 issue of Time magazine provided continuing coverage of the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina victims in a story disturbingly entitled How to Spend $1 Billion A Day. Before I even got to the story, however, the most disturbing image of them all was included in the table of contents: This is […]