Compounding the Costs

I’ve been writing about the mismanagement of the Hurrican Katrina disaster for over two years now. First, that FEMA had no right to provide trailers to disaster victims, and then the staggering levels of fraud that they have allowed to go on. Now we are being told that FEMA has downright lied to us.

According to the story, FEMA “ignored, hid and manipulated government research on the potential impact of long-term exposure to formaldehyde” on Katrina and Rita victims now living in FEMA trailers. So if the waste and mismanagement hasn’t been enough of a financial burden on the American people, we will now get to pay legal settlements to all of the formaldehyde victims who will undoubtedly sue the government for damages.

Looks like FEMA should have listened to me in the first place and stayed out of the trailer business.

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