New Hampshire Is A Fraud

Live free or die, indeed. Is that the best you can do, New Hampshire? With fourty-four percent of you claiming to be independents, with thousands of free-staters now living there, with your state’s heritage as the birthplace of the Revolution, and you hand over your delegates to a statist like John McCain, while delivering only nine percent of the vote to Ron Paul? You’re a fraud, New Hampshire. You don’t care about freedom. Your actions betray your claims to stand for liberty. You should be ashamed.


  1. I think I agree. My grandmother lives in Montana. Why not move there? It has more resources and less people. Well, New Hampshire does have a free-flowing electorate. I always thought I would go there when I got done with school, but I am thinking about other states like Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. Maybe I will just take my degree overseas – where my income is welcome, and the taxes aren’t so high. I’ve heard that Bali is nice…

  2. When the power brokers that be would not allow Ron Paul at some of the early debates, then most of the participants and moderators (are they?) would not let him present his whole thoughts nor whole platform, we knew a couple (at least) of things: 1) that statists like the 45 to 49 state party chairman would so rule, and 2), as the debates in which he has participated have shown, that no fair system was going to be provided, by any of the organizers of these so-called debates. They are better described as mini stump speeches, with those with real change and return to constitutionality platforms shut up, off, or ridiculed.We ask, “who are we kiddin’?” Are we, the bulk of we the people, really able to pick a Presidential candidate, under the current system, following the trampling of the Constitution by Woodrow Wilson, at which time the Senate became elected rather than appointed?And during that same 1913 era, the un-Federal Reserve system was rushed through and we the people no longer had any control over our money. Sorry, sad, loss of our beautiful original system. But you readers have never heard in a single classroom in America what trampling has been done to the Constitution, since it was ratified, have you?

  3. These people at the fed are not fooling anyone. The Fed bought the paper at $1 face value from the banks and will probably sell it back to the banks at a nickle, meaning the banks will reap a 95 cent gain as the FED is virtually backing an elaborate counterfeit operation by creating the 95 cents out of the air (via at the expense of American savers through an inflation based tax and game called Seigniorage The games that these soulless people play. Now you know why Hank Paulson and these other well known politically connected people are becoming some of the largest holders in these large banks that should be insolvent. Regardless if your a democrat or republican, Get out to vote in Nov 2010 and tell your Reps that you understand the massive corruption that is going on. These people are not fooling anyone. Time to stop these games.

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