This I Believe

This essay began as a manifesto of sorts. Inspired by National Public Radio‘s series This I Believe, I thought it might be worthwhile and instructive to actually try to record my beliefs in writing. I’m not sure that I will actually submit this to the radio show, since I don’t think this can be trimmed down to meet their three-minute time limit, but I hope it will still be useful to some and might spur discussion.

I believe that I have an obligation to myself, my children and my fellow human beings to find truth in this life and pass it along. Here is what I believe and what I intend to teach my offspring about how they should live their lives, and how they should expect to be treated by others.

My belief system consists of three principles:

  1. All Men Are Created Equal
  2. The Initiation of Force Is Immoral
  3. You Have the Right To Do Whatever You Want, Unless or Until It Infringes Upon the Rights of Another To Do the Same


  1. An intriguing topic that I’d like to explore and perhaps post my own “This I Believe”.So, what do you think of my new digs on the web? I’m still moving in, but the difference is everything.Note the blog is error and warning free…. :)

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