Government By The People

There are those who would argue that we need government to act as a watchdog for no other reason than people need to be watched or they will do bad things. But the fact that people are imperfect is not an argument *for* government, it is an argument against it. For these same dishonest, greedy, untrustworthy folk that need to be watched occasionally find their way into positions of power. Why would we want to allow ourselves to be ruled by the same people we don’t trust?

Furthermore, people are often patently unqualified for the positions for which they are elected. Either because of mental deficiencies, a failure to understand basic principles of human nature, or simply a lack of common sense. A couple of examples of this have recently made themselves known, and they are too good not to share. First, is this video of Georgia congressman Hank Johnson demonstrating a profound misunderstanding of basic physics and geography. Who can watch this and not cringe in embarrassment for the man? And yet, his vote in the House of Representatives carries as much weight as any other. Why should the good people of Georgia be victims of this imbecile?

The second, and most recent, example is this segment from The Daily Show where they lampoon San Francisco’s misguided attempt to ban McDonald’s Happy Meals. Are you not as stunned as the correspondent at Councilman Eric Mar’s shocking display of cognitive dissonance? And yet, he has just as much power as his fellow council members. Why should the good people of San Francisco be subjected to this moron?

People are flawed. We all seem to know this, but still some of us insist on believing in the transfiguration of being elected to public office. That somehow our elected officials become imbued with superior knowledge and wisdom, infallible judgment, and moral character that is unimpeachable. Why do we continue to believe the myth that government by the inferior people is better than no government at all?

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  1. Well said. California enacted 725 or so new laws. Ridiculous. The House is opening their session by reading the Constitution. One Dem Rep said it was a ploy by the Republicans and that they were treating it “like a sacred document.” Precisely the issue. It SHOULD be treated like a sacred document, but too few see it that way.

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