2AR Phase I – Dismantling the Welfare State (2005-2025)

[This is the first article in a series.]

A bloodless revolution is not without pain. Any time you take something away that people have grown accustomed to they will suffer as a result. Just how much will be determined by each individual’s ability to adapt to change. But, assuming that a revolution can be achieved peacefully, the goal should be to gradually transition systems from old to new to minimize the suffering as much as possible. During this phase, this goal will be paramount, as it is well understood that treating people humanely is more likely to result in success.

All so-called “entitlement” spending by the federal government will be halted at the end of this phase. Families on welfare, or using food stamps, AFDC, etc. will have roughly one generation to ween themselves and their children from the government teat, and find jobs for themselves. Those people within 20 years of death (generally, anyone over the age of 60) need do nothing as their benefits will continue until the end of this period, but those who are just beginning a life of dependency would do well to find other sources of income during this period. Government employees who have made a career of administering this wealth redistribution will also need to seek employment elsewhere. Their jobs will disappear at the end of this period.

Much of this phase will also be devoted to educating the people about the upcoming changes in Phases II and III. Private schools and home-schooling organizations will start preparing the public for closing of all public schools in Phase II. Private organizations such as JPFO would begin a massive campaign to inform and convince Americans that they are responsible for their own safety and security, in preparation for Phase III. This education is necessary to couteract the effects of decades of indoctrination that most people have received as part of the standard public education curriculum.

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