Lou Dobbs Is An Idiot

I already knew that, and that’s why I usually avoid his missives. In the past, he has drawn attention (and ratings) by making controversial (and xenophobic) statements about the so-called immigration problem. Which, in my experience, is only a “problem” for those who don’t like people whose skin is a different color from their own. So, like I said, I had learned to avoid him and his rhetoric (much like I avoid Bill O’Reilly’s patented brand of nonsense).

But I was suckered in by the first paragraph of his column today (as it appeared in CNN’s RSS feed), which led me to believe that I might actually share some common ground with Mr. Dobbs:

“We’re fighting a war that is inflicting even greater casualties than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and, incredibly, costing even more money. We’re losing the War on Drugs, and we’ve been in retreat for three decades.”

Bravo! But rather than reaching the logical and inevitable conclusion from that premise, which is the War on Drugs has been a failure, and we must end it immediately, he instead goes on to cite examples of why we’re just not trying hard enough. He details the monetary costs, makes brief mention of the cost in human lives (although he is only referring to those who have died as a result of drug use, not those killed by the government thugs charged with executing the War On Your Rights), and then ends by saying:

“Whatever course we follow in prosecuting other wars, we must commit ourselves as members of this great society to only one option in the War on Drugs — victory.”

What a moron. Ignoring for the moment that declaring war on an idea (like drugs or terrorism) is as nonsensical as declaring war on the color blue, it’s not like there is any dearth of evidence that these wars are unwinnable. To declare that victory is our only option is idiotic. And invoking memories of Johnson’s “Great Society” in the positive makes him an idiot *and* a socialist. But I repeat myself.

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  1. Lou Dobbs is certainly as much an idiot as everyone that broadcasts from CNN, or ANY of their affiliates, and they and their ilk are the epitome of SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST definitions.

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