The Death of Personal Property

The State of Florida can’t do anything right. Whether it’s a botched Presidential election, Elian Gonzales, or the recent nonsense surrounding Terri Schiavo, Florida is, any more, like the kid on the playground who gets picked last for kickball. So when they finally do manage to get something right, like the recent “Castle Doctrine” law […]

Why Voting Sucks

With the 2004 election season looming on the horizon, like a trip to the dentist’s office that you simply cannot avoid, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the subject of voting. The reality of voting is very different from the popular opinion of same. The perception is that exercising one’s right to vote is […]

Why Cops Suck

Remember that time when you got pulled over for speeding? The cop started to write you a ticket, but stopped when you told him that your dad was a cop. Or maybe he wrote you the ticket, and then you went home and called your brother-in-law or your buddy from high school (who is also […]

Why Terrorism Sucks

You may be thinking the reasons that terrorism sucks are obvious and recent events have only served to highlight this fact. Yes, there are obvious reasons, but I’m choosing to look past the death and destruction at some less obvious consequences of the most recent terrorist attack on America, and other similar tragedies. Reason #1: […]