St. Louis County officer stopped for drunk driving faces license revocation
June 21, 2011

CLAYTON - A former St. Louis County police officer faces the loss of his driver's license for refusing to take a breath test after being stopped on suspicion of drunk driving.

Steven L. Park, 31, of St. Louis, is fighting the state department of revenue to get his license back, and a hearing on the matter is scheduled for August 18. The court issued a stay order, meaning Park can continue driving while the case is pending.

One of Park's fellow officers arrested him shortly after 4 a.m. June 8 near Gravois Road and Philo Avenue in the Affton area. The fellow patrolman was conducting speed enforcement and spotted Park's car going 57 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Police said Park refused a breath test and field sobriety test, but smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, and spoke with slowed, deliberate, and occasionally slurred words, according to the arrest report.

Police seized the arrested officer's loaded .38-caliber Ruger pistol from his pocket. Park faces citations for speeding and drunk driving and a possible weapons charge for possessing the loaded gun while intoxicated. Park resigned from the department after his arrest.

Joyce Kelley, a prosecutor with the St. Louis County Counselor's office, said Park had not yet been formally charged but such cases typically take a couple weeks to process. A spokesperson with the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's office said they had not yet been presented with the case.

A motorist's drivers license can be revoked for one year if the driver refuses to take a breathalyzer test to measure blood alcohol content. Park filed a petition to fight revocation of his license, according to court records.