Police Beating Of Cuffed Man Caught On Camera
August 12, 2008

Three police officers could face charges after disturbing video of the beating of a man in handcuffs sent shockwaves through the community.

The incident started when a masked man went to a CVS with a can of pepper spray, and demanded oxycodone.

Moments later, dash cam video showed Pablo Valenzuela under arrest and on the ground in handcuffs in the store's parking lot.

Two officers started kicking Valenzuela after they said he spit at them.

The video showed a third officer punching Valenzuela in the face a few seconds later.

Police Chief Delsa Bush said the actions are unacceptable.

"When you mix all this volatile stuff together, and emotions run high, it's possible for something like this to happen, but this agency just can't tolerate it," Bush said.

One of the officers resigned in July. The other two were put on paid administrative leave and then fired.

Bush said she has not decided yet what discipline the officers will face.