Cops Continue To Suck

It’s been almost four years since I first wrote about why cops suck, and you know what? Nothing has changed. In fact, it seems these stories are only becoming more prevalent. We have hundreds of examples in our story archive, and I don’t really go out of my way looking for them. Some sites have started similar archives, like Bad Cop News, for instance. Others, like The Newspaper just collect stories related to driving, which obviously often involve cops — this one in particular is interesting since it includes video.

So does all of this mean that these incidents are becoming more frequent, or that there are just more people paying attention? I’m not sure, but my guess is the latter. I’m sure officers such as Richard Perrone wished that there weren’t so many people watching. Recent internet buzz surrounding his story shamed him into reconsidering pressing charges against a couple who documented his own speed limit violations. Bloggers everywhere are asking the same question: are cops above the law?

Of course they aren’t, but it’s not always the cop that is to blame. Sometimes the laws are just stupid. This story about Police Chief Richard Knoebel writing himself a ticket serves to illustrate how ridiculous victimless crimes are. Kudos to the cop for being honest, but let’s be realistic. No one was harmed by his actions, therefore there was no victim. Without a victim, there can be no crime. If there was no crime, should he have to pay a fine? No. And neither should anyone else that might receive a ticket for commiting the same act.

So here’s an all points bulletin: be on the lookout for stories about cops found to be abusing their power and let us know about them. If we continue to talk about them, document their actions, and make them pay for their behavior, maybe it will start to be less common.

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  1. Hey Jarhead,I have the same thing over here in NY Niskayuna to be exact, cops do what ever they want to do. Double standards. “the brotherhood” I have to say when I was stationed in Cuba as a MP I never ever let anyone go for any sort of violation, maybe lower the penalty if it was a 1st offense. Also in NYS we have the Troopers, now these fine young men and woman just love tearing up and down the Northway, and Thruway not pursuing anyone, just doing what ever they want. But if one of there own was to do the same in there own POV, they’d be pulled over TILL the Trooper driving the POV showed the badge, and than nothings done. Although in Schenectady NY we have a cop who stole all the cocaine from the evidence locker to support his habit. Lets see think it took them over 2 to 3 weeks to finally say lets have a piss test of everyone that had access to that area. NOT sorry, if there’s a bad COP get rid of him or her. I laugh histaricly watching cops and 5 guys jumping on one guy to handcuff him, tackle him and the guy is no more than drunk and being cool about , but because the Cops have there little badges and gun’s they think there god. The majority of the new Male state troopers don’t even shave yet.Just my 10 centsSemper FI

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